House Build at Frame Stage

I was looking back through my pictures of the house build and a found a nice series of when the framing was completed. Some of the angles show the wind turbines off very well, making them look huge and it is cool being able to see the various views through the wall frames. As you see there is a very good reason we are building where we are as well as how amazing the house is that Nathan designed for us.

Frames 1 Frames 15 Frames 6 Frames 7 Frames 8 Frames 9 Frames 10 Frames 11 Frames 12 Frames 13 Frames 14 Frames 5 Frames 4 Frames 3 Frames 2




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2 Responses to House Build at Frame Stage

  1. Allan S Robb says:

    Sonno, I followed the link 2 Nathan but couldn’t C the plan or page where he shows your plan & comments about the central unroofed courtyard & Canberra weather? Might U guide me? DoD


  2. DOD, It doesn’t seem to be there Nathan most likely waiting for me to finish it. He has had 2 more kids since I started.


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