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First spring harvest of Rhubarb

Spring has sprung and the rhubarb is going great guns, it may have something to do with all the mulch from the chook shed I put on the bed over winter.  The harvest was rather large so half is for … Continue reading

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Last bedroom door fitted

I fitted the last bedroom door today which should stop the finches from making nests in our insulation. The door fitted perfectly. A bit too perfectly as I realised from the inside as I was taking the picture below – … Continue reading

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More to do with Kale

Annabel Langbein who I have mentioned before and is on Jo’s and my short list of the only cook books you will ever need has a new book coming out shortly. On her blog she has been releasing little tastes from … Continue reading

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First solar array completed

After a day off to have my back realigned by the local physio I completed the first of the solar arrays mark II. I think the most expensive part of building a house is all the physiotherapy bills. 10 panels … Continue reading

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New Solar Panel Frame

Well after a week of welding I finished the 4 frames for the new solar array only to discover I could barely lift them let alone carry them to where they needed to be – design flaw I might make … Continue reading

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Alain de Botton and The School of Life YouTube channel

Jo and I are fans of Alain de Botton. We have a number of his books and subscribe to the Philosophers Mail and The School Of Life. I like the way he states the bleeding obvious in an interesting way and … Continue reading

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Cooler than fireworks

If there is one thing that is cooler than fireworks it is rainbows Cheers Franky

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