Kalyna Harasymiv photographer extrordinaire

The most difficult part of this post will be trying not to be too effusive. Obviously from the pictures I have taken for this blog I am no photographer. It is also obvious from the many photo sharing web sites, there are many people who are very good at taking excellent photos of things. What is rare is when these photos move beyond being a photo into the realm of art. And even rarer still when like all the best art, be it painting, writing, sculpting and in this case photography you get a glimpse of the artist in their work. Kalyna is one of these rare people. I was absolutely gob smacked the first time I saw her photographs and remain so. Really there is nothing more I can say so…

Here are 2 links to Kalynas Flicker photo streams



And here are a few of Kalynas photographs to give you a glimpse of her amazing talent and give you an excuse to spend the rest of the day looking through her photo streams.

8889225277_8956d278e6_b 14658259754_cecd05400c_h

I love rumble fish

14214644646_1f68cb216a_h 11473850645_699e0d93fb_k 9478746780_c29c87c0b1_b 9484929413_52bb8cd660_b

Jos and my favourite

9684688015_5a1cbe90a3_b 11050847763_dbce2cefbf_h 11079973293_26c2912ffd_h

Hopefully I have not embarrassed Kalyna too much with this post but I think she is deserving of every accolade.




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