Our Boys and Girls

The Days are starting to get longer now and the girls are getting back into egg laying form. Although we have more chickens than ducks the ducks easily out lay the chooks. The Khaki Campbells are egg laying machines much more productive than the Isa/hyland brown commercial egg laying breed which has a limited life span essentially laying them selves to death. We will be moving away from this type of chook now we know more about poultry and only grow heritage breed chooks and ducks. We get our Light Sussex chooks from Anita at Hot Chicks Poultry as well as the Cayuga ducks when she has them. We get the Khaki Campbells from the local produce store. It is surprising how noisy the ducks are the girls talk all day. What we like about the ducks is apart from being beautiful to look at they, unlike other animals, seem to do things just for fun. Watching them play in their pool is hilarious. Having poultry apart from providing great eggs and meat is very relaxing. Watching the chooks and ducks with a beer or wine is great for managing the stresses of life.




Khaki Campbell Drake


Cayuga Drake


Getting their greens


The Light Sussex girls with their frilly knickers



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3 Responses to Our Boys and Girls

  1. allanrobb says:

    I thought that the chooks & ducks would do better on layer pellets … ROFL


  2. Carrie says:

    Oh no!! I’ve bought Isa Browns! Lovely ladies they are, too. I had no idea! 😦


    • We got the commercial layers first but they tend not to last very long before they stop laying and die. So we changed to the heritage breed growing that flock as the commercial ones kark it. The ducks are much better egg producers though. Noisy but.


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