How does our garden grow

Hi there,

It is nearly the end of winter and we have had quite a few frosts with temps down to -9 (our pipes freeze at -7). Our garden in pots has been keeping us well supplied. We have not had to buy Kale or Silverbeet (chard) since February and we also still have a heap of garlic which we grew in the beds out at the farm. We also have some cabbages coming on as well as peas. The key I think with home grown veg is to grow what you eat a lot of and is expensive. We have saved a fortune not buying kale, garlic, silverbeet or herbs, and they are easy to grow and use very little space or time and as you can see just put pots everywhere. The only problem we had was the dogs ate all the lemon grass, we didn’t get any.

So lets have a look

No idea what variety of kale this is but it is very pretty and tastes great


Parsley on the right and a daisy. We have more than enough parsley for us and the chooks in 2 pots


Tuscan kale, black cabbage, cavolo nero what ever you call it it is very tastyIMG_0537

Another kale variety with huge leaves


Swiss chard or silverbeet


Another kale


This is rosemary growing in our Auto Pot hydroponics system doing very well and flowering in the middle of winter. Auto pots are great. Very efficient with water (important in Australia) and all the plants I have tried so far do very well and the nutrient is cheaper than any other fertiliser I have tried. I bought $100 bucks worth last year and am only half way through it. I have grown strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes, lemon grass, rosemary, garlic, kale, basil, thyme, mint and chillies so far and all grew very well.


Garlic in Auto Pot


Cabbage in Auto Pot


Chives in Auto Pot


Silverbeet in Auto Pot




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