Anders made good coffee slowly

Every Saturday we go to Braidwood to get bread and to have a coffee and danish at the Dojo bakery. We also take Jacq the kelpie as she was born on Bastille Day and so she has her weekly croissant. Up until the end of last year Anders made the coffee, only we didn’t know his name then. Anders wore good but old suits, fashionable well used shoes and had a nose that reminded me of Buk Bukowskies. He made good coffee slowly. Then one Saturday someone else was making the coffee, we never knew why, nothing was said, we didn’ t ask. We occaisionally saw Anders but never at the bakery. The other week we found out from Prof Lyons, Anders name and that he had died. Anders apparently had his demons and it was these that took him earlier than one should have to go. 300 people went to his funeral which makes you think, smile gently and sort of nod in a comfortable way.
Anders made good coffee slowly.

Vale Anders

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