9 APR 2013


Have I mentioned that I hate plastering?



It is taking me days, put it on sand it off, put it on sand it off interminable. Did someone mention Sisyphus?

Not that there is very much in the build and there is no plaster board (gyprock) at all. All I have to do is joint the fibro in the toilet, bathroom, scullery and pantry. The walls in the scullery, pantry and bathroom are all tiled so not an issue. But the ceilings are painted as are the walls and ceiling in the toilet so not very much plastering that will be visible but any amount is TOO MUCH!!

So a few pics, not really exciting and there will be no more, but as an indication of some progress they will do.

The trick is to only get plaster where you need it as it is no fun to sand.

IMG_1059 IMG_1061

On a lighter note saw this very cool car in town the other dayIMG_1057 IMG_1058




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