27 FEB 2013

Hi all,

It has been a while since an update due to our lease running out and our having to move. Luckily Stans Bungendore cottage commonly known as the the ‘Shitbox’ was available which got us out of trouble.

This weeks best made plans to get some work done on the house went astray due to my having 8 more stitches removed from my eye. A couple were a bit hard to get out and required some digging and what usually takes one day to recover from is now into a very uncomfortable day 2. Only 3 more stitches to go thank god!! It is very hard to stay still when your eye is poked and pulled by a scalpel and pair of tweezers, especially when you are watching it all from the inside. I actually swore this time when I started feeling sharp metal which Salim, the eye Dr, politely ignored. I don’t think he has ever sworn in his life.

I think only 6 weeks until Dr’s Mr & Mrs Smiths baby is due very excited.

Now some pics

The Quick Pitch Goof Proof shower system for making the fall to waste mortar bed in the shower worked well and is ready for Angus the head tiler to find time when not at uni to crack on with the tiling.

IMG_1008 IMG_1009

The range hood ducting in with much swearing and a big hammerIMG_1012

The duct exists out the back wall. we have had a heap of rain lately and have had no leaks so far




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