9 Jan 2013

Hi All,

Bit of excitement this week. The Stevos had a big fire close to their new farm near Yass and the Fire in Bungendore burnt to Stans boundary. Both properties remain safe at present but things remain in a state of flux with the fire at Stans blowing up again this afternoon and the Stevos watching the wind changes. Yesterday Donna Stevo, Stevo Stevo, Lach and myself went out to rescue the horses at Stans. Donna got 2 out in the horse float, I rode one out leading another to the police road block -a good idea at the time but lots of thigh pain today – 3 Km bareback when not ridden for a while ouch!! Stevo and Lach tried to catch the ornery Vincent but he bolted and was left to his own devices and found safe and sound this morning by the Stevos. Yay!!

On the house front.

Lach my great right hand has put the tile underlay in the toilet ready for tiles, and Angus alias Mr Plank, alias Tileman (no cape as they are an OH&S hazard)(see the Incredibles) has started tiling the ensuite.

The first tiles are down!!


The baby Mangle Wurtzel harvest. The ones still growing are about 10 times bigger, about the size of taro!!


The Garlic harvest




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