7 AUG 2012


Today I finished planting the heritage bare rooted fruit trees thus all but completing stage one of the orchard. All that is to go for this year is the 5 different varieties of bare root raspberry that are still coming.

Planted today:

Lord Lambourne – eating apple, Mutsu – eating apple, Mirabelle – French plum, Greengage – english plum, Zeigler – german plum, Kingston Black – cider apple, Improved Foxwelp – cider apple, Bulmer’s Norman – cider apple, Sweet Coppin – cider apple, Dabinet – french cider apple, Yarlington Mill – cider apple, Wychwood Crab – crab apple, John Downie – crab apple, Durondeau – French pear, Beurre D’Anjou – French pear, Simone – cherry, Stella – cherry, HuonVille Crab – crab apple, Cox’s Orange Pippin – eating apple, Van De Man – quince, De Bourgeaut – quince, Smyrna – quince, Pineapple – quince, Fullers – quince, Rea’s Mammoth – quince, Champion – quince, Powells Prize – quince

Add this to the following already planted:

10 Hazelnuts, 4 chestnuts, 2 Walnuts, 100 pomegranates, 5 different figs, various peaches/nectarines/plums/pears, Kerriberry, boysenberry, blackberry, loganberry, blueberry, black current, red current, Jostaberry, rhubarb, Jujube’s and 2 varieties of raspberry

so the food forest is coming along nicely and should give us fresh fruit 10 months of the year.

And I also planted a little forest of Plane Trees kindly donated by the Stevo’s thank you very much.

And now I need a little lie down as I still have not recovered from unloading the 2.5 ton of tiles on Sunday.

I forgot to include the pictures of the tiles yesterday so here they are. They will also go in our bathroom and look fabulous next to the copper bath. We were initially going with timber but thought these would be more practical with the poodles and Stan.

IMG_0736 IMG_0737



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