3 OCT 2012

Hi all,

Sorry about the time between updates but things have been moving fast thanks to Lach and Stevo.

The steel bit back again last week and I got 4 more stitches which the bungendore Dr likes very much as it give them a break from the usual coughs colds and sore holes the have to deal with.

Lach has been digging trenches and we have spent much time pulling very big rocks out of the way.

We have got all the walls clad and have started the outside ceiling which probably has a name I just don’t know what it is.

The plumber has also been this week and we have sewerage, drainage and part of the storm water.

And the building certifier inspected the frames today so I can start cladding the inside as soon as the plumber and electrician have finished.

All the rest of the flashings and gutters and down pipes will arrive on Friday.

Pictures if you please.

Outside ceiling or roof lining perhaps going on. It makes a huge difference to the feel of the place, more defined, closed in. The sheet on the left just needs a clean.


The big rock in the middle of the trench


The bath only just fitted in the door


Lach’s trench before we hit the rock




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