3 NOV 2012

Hi all,

Sorry its been a while but have been busy.

Welcome to Lucy who left ICU for sunnier climes but wanted to continue to be annoyed with details on our build.

With much help from Stevo and Lach flashings have been going on along with more ceiling. Dane the plumber has finished the rough out and that has been inspected and passed by council. Digging the trenches has been a nightmare of rock. We have been digging the hole for the septic for 2 weeks it is all jackhammer and shovel work but we are getting there.

We have been harvesting lots of rhubarb – the best ever, and baby garlic which we have been using like spring onions sliced in omelettes or raw dipped in mayo lovely.

Jacq sitting on the sand heap watching me work


Lach in the hole from hell


Today we covered in above the front deck a huge effort with the help of Stevo and Lach. Hows the view.


And the flashing on as well ready for gutters!!!


Back flashing on, gutters nearly done. The gutters are 150mm half round so we should catch every drop of rain.




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