15 JAN 2013

Hi All,

Its been busy since the last update. Lach and I have been sheeting the toilet and bathroom to try and keep ahead of Angus who is tiling.

He has finished the floor in the ensuite apart from the grouting.


Lach and I started on the living area ceiling which has gone from a good idea to that looks great. The panel lifter is worth every cent makes life so much easier and I do like a ceiling I don’t have to paint.


The panel lifter comes in handy for the Heath Robinson method of lifting the rather heavy range hood up. You really can’t have too many clamps.


Angus with his head in the range hood making sure the bolts are tight. There are 3 motors in it so it weighs a bit but it barely dropped when we took the lifter out. You can see why the ceiling is black there is so much light both natural and reflected it would be too bright if it wasn’t.


This is the pattern on the stainless steel of the range hood.




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