12 OCT 2012

Hi all,

Busy week with lots of help from Stevo and Lach. The underside of the roof is coming along.Stevo is of the opinion that tie-died parachute material would have been better than steel. Will definitely be glad when it is all on.

Lach and I spent a day starting the roof flashings so we can get the gutters on ASAP, Lach finds pop riveting a cruel torture invented by someone with a thing against the skin on your knuckles, there was lots of deep breaths and swearing. I would have like to avoid the joins but the max length Lysaght can do is 8m lengths. Still it looks great we think, very posh and modern, just like us really.

Yesterday we got a bigger excavator out with a rock hammer to remove the monster rock in the middle of the sewerage trench. We spent half the day in drizzle and sleet trying to break it then half the day moving the trench 1 foot to the right. The day wasn’t all bad though as we found a large patch of red decomposed granite which is worth $60 to $80 a SQM depending on where you get it which will save us heaps of $$ in landscaping.

Things are not happy in my work place at the moment and am seriously thinking about doing a cabinetmaking apprenticeship, even washing car windows at traffic lights would be better, so my mate Gaddy must have been reading my mind when he sent me this. It is a fantastic idea and cheered me up no end. It gets back to the roots of what unions are supposed to do, what they used to do back in the day – get people in work and have a social conscience. So here is the cut and paste of his message. It may surprise but a large number of the most successful Fortune 500 Companies are employee run/owned so this idea actually works. At Gortex the workers apparently elect the management. Very Bolshy.

Hey Franky,

Get on board! A workers co-op is the way to go. It’s also being run by a MUA member so debt collection won’t be a problem. Send the link out in your update if you want.


Keep on building


Flashing goes on the back of the house awaiting the gutters which are 150 half round in zinc – we want to catch every drop.


Snow in Tarago


Jacq and quince blossom




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