5 JUN 2012

Howdy all,

Today it was blowing a gale and raining cats and dogs out at the farm. The road wasn’t full of poodles though as the poodles had more sense and stayed inside. The creek was roaring and the dam overflowing. Not much fun at all really, but I did paint a door and some door frames before I decided Bunnings would be warmer

But yesterday the new puppy standard poodle Mia had her first outing at the farm.Was very funny as the grass is taller than her so she was bouncing around like a black kangaroo. And Dee the big poodle was so busy with her nose down rabbit holes she didn’t notice the rabbits running around her.

IMG_0669 IMG_0668

Started sanding the door frames with the new Festool RO 90 sander with CT36 dust extraction. It is awesome. No dust at all. Takes a bit of getting used to actually as it doesn’t seem like anything is happening until you start seeing bare wood. The frames will be black when finished.


Lachlan’s new/old truck for his earthmoving business which Stevo and I picked up from Victoria last week. It is an 1965 AACO tipper with a 6-354 Perkins diesel.


The flashings around Callum’s window. We were so lucky to get the steel in before all this rain.


For the crazy cats who have been requesting Swandri modeling pictures perhaps in a future update. I am currently waiting for a new Bush Shirt which Denise has been good enough to source from NZ for me as my current one seems to have shrunk. At least that is my excuse why it is a bit tight in the middle now, and I am sticking to it. So Lach can inherit my old bush shirt. 2 generations 1 bush shirt, it is amazing Swandri is still in business their stuff lasts so long.



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