4 APR 2012


Today 3 ton of batteries arrived and the trench for the cable was dug. As you can see the excavator had to dig around a rather lot of rock so we have a very nice bendy trench. So we are all ready for Rob the solar bloke to arrive on Saturday. He has found an airstrip on the station next door to land on when he flies in which is handy (he also is a flying instructor – float planes).

I also finished the laundry wall apart from the flashings which will go on later.

So we are getting there.

3 very heavy, very expensive small crates. Don’t invest in gold, invest in lead I think it is worth more.


The bendy trench for the cable


Nephew Will told me I am doing a vary nice job the other day. I told him we had a tractor and him and his dad could drive it around the paddock when he visits so I think I might be the best uncle and the worst brother in law at the moment. The tractor is bigger than the one in the photo.




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