28 APR 2012

Hi All,

Well the rain and hail this week has continued to slow things down but we hope to get a truck in on Monday fingers crossed.

But despite the rain, hail and cold I have been doing a bit of work in the shed which is quite pleasant as there is power for the radio and tools.

I have framed up the dividing wall which is to separate the batteries from Jo’s car park with another (yet to be built) that will separate the batteries from the inverter board and generator.

There are 2 doorways, one into the battery room and one into the generator room. That is the roof vents on the battery for venting the battery gasses so the shed wont melt or explode from the acid gas. I found a local saw mill this week that sells beautiful spotted gum hardwood for less than a third of the price of that crap blue pine that is such good timber that it needs to be treated to be used inside. The spotted gum is class 1 durable 40 years above ground and 20 in the ground and no poison. Crazy world.

IMG_0619 IMG_0620

This is my brothers cute as a button daughter. How wonderfulIMG_0613



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