24 MAY 2012

Hi all,

It has been a 2 Swanny week, or bloody cold, I needed my flannel and bush shirt to stay warm. For those of you who are not fashion conscious trend setters like myself a ‘swanny’ is the Swandri, keep you warm in all weather, last a life time, institution from New Zealand. You know the flannels are good because as the label says ‘the pockets are big enough for your note book and your smokes’, the new seasons colours are not as good as last year but. So do yourself a favour it’s free shipping to anywhere in the world at the moment.

It has been all hands on deck this week (I crack myself up).


I measured the remaining gap from the edge of the deck to the wall at one end it is 670mm at the other it is 668mm how good is that!! Looking great also.


All the rest of the steel arrived yesterday. I finally thought it would be dry enough for the Lysaght semi to get in and not get bogged. It was a very nervous time but all was good. Very lucky as it started raining again today.


Jo’s brother Paul sent me this link to a Lego Land Rover Defender. If you follow the link and then the next link to the Lego site you can vote for the model. If Lego get 10,000 votes they will release it as a set. So tell everyone you know to go and vote for it. We need this to go ‘viral’ or some such geek speak, to get it made.




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