16 MAY 2012

Hi All,

Sorry it’s been a while since the last update I have been doing lots of little stuff. I have planted a heap of berries so there will be lots of yummy summer puddings next year.

As the pictures will show.

Whirly Gig vents on the battery room to let the gasses out so it doesn’t go bang and blow the shed up.


A Jostaberry in the far round bed. A Keriberry in the round bed with the frame. Just to keep Kiwi visitors happy. And so we can laugh when we hear them say its name.

And 3 red gooseberries in the long bed.


5 golden raspberries closest to the power station and 5 loganberries on the left.


Dante called them ‘that divine forest’ not quite a forest but we now have 3 Stone Pines which in a few years will give us a supply of pine nuts as well as looking spectacular. Planted close to the house so I can shoot those pesky parrots who try to pinch them.




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