12 APR 2012

Hi All,

The Winsome Hall Power Station is up and running!! Rob flew in from Tasmania on Monday morning and 4 days of graft later with help from Angus, Stevo and Stevo’s brother in-law Jeff from QLD we have the power on.

I heard on the news today the electricity price in Canberra is going up 20% this year. Oh dear…

No power bills at Winsome Hall.

So a big thank you to Rob for putting up with my emails for the last 3 years and for coming all this way to put our power on.

Jeff in red, Rob on the top and Stevo supervising.


Rob and Angus as the last panel goes on. The gap at the end is my margin of error which got doubled when I made the array into 2, oops. Better than too short but.


Rob, Angus and a very big battery


And we have power. Thank you Rob. The batteries are Exide RAP, the inverter is Selectronic and the solar controllers are from Outback PowerIMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0592.




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