31 OCT 2011


Hey all,


Well despite the ran last week the road is really coming along and amazingly it didn’t all wash away in the guzzilion mm of rain we had on Saturday. It’s interesting how the road changes how you look at the block. It’s good the earthmover talked me out of my ICU OCD need to have a straight road, Jo and I really like how the road wanders up to where the house will be. Callum is a bit worried about how far he will have to walk to get the mail, ‘when are we getting the John Deere Gator’ he kept asking.

The  pipes in the creek




The long winding road and Dee the poodle (it had been raining cats and dogs and the farm was covered in poodles)(I love dad jokes).




Ian the earthmover said he was glad he got to cut those drains after all the rain we got on Saturday, even he was worried it was all going to have washed away. I think the reason it didn’t is the great job he is doing. It really looks worth the serious coin it is costing. We drove on it on Sunday and it wasn’t soft at all





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