22 MAR 2012


Sorry to all for the delay between updates, especially those who have emailed me having Winsome Hall withdrawals.

Well DOD has gone on to Melbourne after being a most excellent help for a few weeks which included driving me to the DR to get stitched up, getting bogged and going to Sydney to pick up the fabulous generator.

We all hope he cracks the shits with Melbourne and comes back quickly.

It has been too wet to progress much as I can’t get the glass truck in so I can’t fit the laundry door and then finish sheeting the last bit on that wall. I can’t get the Magnet Mart truck in so I can’t fit the door frames on the sleeping half of the house so I can’t start sheeting that side. But that doesn’t matter as I can’t get the Lysaght truck in with the steel anyway.

But Stevo and I have just about finished the frame for the solar panels. and Rob the solar guy from Tasmania is coming on the 7th of April to build our power station. This consists of 10KW of solar panels and 3800Ah of batteries all backed up by our lovely 16KVa 3 phase Generator.

Stevo as well as being an excellent help has also been teaching me about grass, the pasture type, no lessons needed for the other, ah memories of a misspent youth. I now know all about medics, microlena kangaroo grass etc. All very interesting.

An action shot of DOD as the Gen Set comes of the trailer.IMG_0542

Stevo putting the last screw in half of the solar arrayIMG_0549

The garden bed built by DOD and myself out of iron bark sleepers. Callum said they are called sleepers because they make beds. I have ordered 3 Blueberry plants for along the back and 10 rhubarb for along the front and i will plant this years garlic (80 cloves)(40 italian red and 40 italian white) in the middle. Yum yum. I know it is a bit strange building garden beds before the house is finished but it is march and the garlic needs to be planted. I know, as Paul Keating would say ‘crazy muesli munchers’.


The Gen Set in place


Just so you have in idea of what the solar array will look like from the road. Sorry about the quality of the shot. Wind turbines on the right.




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