22 FEB 2012

Hi All,

The frame for the solar array is out of the ground. There will be 2 panels this size so we will have a monster solar array, 10Kw in total,  that will be able to double as a SETI installation. http://www.seti.org/

I think it will look great in a photo with the wind turbines.

Lastly congratulations to Nathan our architect who had a baby boy today. Cole gibson Judd. Mum and boy all good. The Broulee Shack (check it out on Nathans website) will need another pavilion.

If you spend $150.00 on a Work Cover White Card you too can do this. Just goes to show if you have enough clamps you can do anything. Now where is that pile of bamboo poles…scaff who needs it.


The Mega Anchor footings I am using and my trusty Festool impact drill, the batteries last for hours which is handy when you are screwing a whole house together, got to love those Krauts.


Half the frame for the solar array nearly done. It started to rain or I would have finished it today. Standing on top of the ladder is one thing, doing it when lightning is banging off around you now that’s crazy.

Then again if I had a key and a kite…




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