20 FEB 2012

Hi all,

Well Angus is slacking off, something about having to go back to uni, likely excuse, like computational science is any where near as much fun as house building.

Stevo came out to help though which was excellent and we threw on a heap of sheets before the rain made us drink beer. The living side of the house is all but done we are just waiting on a laundry door from Evgen the window and door dude in Melbourne which should be here in 2 weeks so we can do the last little bit and then get onto the sleeping side of the house.

One whole side done


And around the corner. It started raining so we got a little wet then the water started running off the roof and we got a lot wet. so we stopped and drank beer to get wet on the inside as well.


Just a bit to go and half the house will be sheetedIMG_0509

Bloody echidna digging a hole in our $40K road. Native animals, can’t live with them, can’t shoot them, cute my arse.

Actually they are really cool:)




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