2 FEB 2012


Well on Tuesday I managed to drag the daughter out of her cave of teenage angst and out to the farm to help. She was most surprised at all the things that had been done (fencing,house, entry, road, crossing) and asked who did it all. I swore a bit. But she was a good help and we hung some more steel on a very windy day that was made much easier with the high tech custom sheet lifting device y’all will be familiar with. I refrained from trimming the short side ones this time. It’s only youth that doesn’t learn from mistakes, middle aged people don’t have the time to waste. Generally speaking that is.

All the cladding around the eastern windows is on it was just too windy and cold to do the big sheets at the front.

Every day results in progress and we have more of an idea how good it is going to look.

IMG_0468 IMG_0469 IMG_0470



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