17 NOV 2011

OiOi all,

We are at floor level ready for sheeting tomorrow. It’s taken Sam 3 days and 10,000 screws to do this. We can now get an idea of the proportions, probably a nervous time for Nathan our architect, but is looking Little Bear just right, not too big, not too small. I asked the certifier today if I needed a termite certificate, ‘yes’ they said, to protect the steel posts/bearers and joists or the steel frames and corrugated iron cladding I asked? ‘Oh’ they said ‘that will be fine, just look underneath every few months and check your furniture’.

The sleeping side – 4 beds and a study



Living side – lounge/dining/kitchen/laundry/pantry



The central courtyard and decked area that separates the two areas and our view north!!


Looks like a perfect place for a Koi pond and some bamboo.


The front is so far off the ground we are thinking of having a twirly wirily slide instead of stairs.




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