14 DEC 2011

Hi all,

Well we are moving along nicely with the 2 x 100,000L water tanks being installed last Friday. One is for bore water which will be for showers, toilets and the scullery (thanks Sam) as well as being reticulated by gravity to stock troughs around the block. The other tank is for rain water for drinking and the kitchen.

Also on Tuesday the dodgy concreter laid the slab for the garage/plant room for the solar stuff and the footings for the greenhouse and despite not being able to read a plan and under my watchful eye did a good job of laying the slab.


The garage lines up perfectly with the sides of the living section of the house which will make Nathan our Architect very happy. The greenhouse joins on to the back of the garage and extends 12m along the back of the house so is 6m x 12m in size. This will be the kitchen garden. Food miles – about 20 feet.




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