11 JAN 2012

Hi All,

Monday was blowing a gale Tuesday was just windy and today it is blowing a gale again and raining. Lucky we got the roof on yesterday.

Yes the roof is on!

If you need something done just call the fire brigade. Neil a fireman workmate of Stevos, who in a past life was a roofer, came out Tuesday morning with his daughter (there is no way I could get my daughter to stand on a roof all day driving thousands of roofing screws) and 2 offsiders and 12 hours later we had a 320 sqm roof. I was shattered, extremely sunburnt (320 sqm of zincalume is like a giant laser), with a touch of heat stroke. I could hardly move this morning.

Handling 12.5m sheets of roofing iron on a windy day is rather exciting but not something I would like to do again.

We even have enough steel left for the chook shed.

A cordless impact driver is much better for driving screws in metal than a normal cordless drill. which is my next purchase as I have more than 10,000 screws to go, 4000 just for the deck.

Jo knows the way to Specialty Fasteners with her eyes closed now they have reopened after xmas.

Enough space for 2 tennis courts



The living area


The courtyard


Looking east – we were cursing the architect when we were putting on the thin strips around that hole (the thin bit at the front is about 400mm wide and about 5m off the ground) but it looks good and lets more light into the living area.


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