New Ceiling In The Main Bedroom

We were not completely happy with the ceiling in the main bedroom so I redid it with orientated strand board (OSB) and oiled it with Livos Kunos oil in walnut. I am really liking this oil it is easy to apply, looks great and smells great. Not at all toxic like any other paint/oil.

The corporate panel lifter is a life saver.


Looking good





All up.


The first coat of oil. Having one wall all window plays havoc with the IPhone aperture/auto focus giving some very strange colours.



I was a bit worried when I first opened the tin. It looks like sump oil.


The oil gives the OSB a 3D look


It is not this dark




You can see how the phone can’t keep up with the amount of light in this video but you get the idea.



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3 Rooms Done Sounds Better Than One

The lounge dining and kitchen are all done apart from some electrical I am not allowed to do. Apparently DOD has offered to come down and clean the windows for us;) I have to take all the painting tape off also. Painting the trim the same colour as the walls achieves a crisp minimalist look. It also meant I didn’t need to worry about getting paint on the wall!!




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Flashing the Kitchen wall.

Dave who along with Stan is used to handling long and floppy things came out and gave me a hand to install the flashing between the tiled wall and the ceiling. Again it really finishes it off nicely.






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Kitchen, Dining and Lounge Lights

I have installed the lights in the lounge/kitchen/dining room.

The lights in the kitchen above the island bench are the strainer inserts out of pasta pots. A two for one bargain really light and a pot!!




Annette Blair a local glassblower made the dining room and lounge lights for us. She is very good.

This one will be above the dining table.




And these are in the lounge. Its very cool how they seem to float




Yes the crash is me nearly falling over. Like a cat I am.



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The Full Benny Hill or A Flash Bottom

The house has a rather flash bottom thanks to some help from Stan. Nathan was worried the bottom would look to fat. I think it looks rather trim and finishes it off nicely.

The flashing on the bottom is 50mm


We had a very windy day the other day all the ladders blew off the deck and we nearly lost the bit of lashing on the top corner. It was no fun at all wrestling the long piece of floppy steel and screw it down without getting blown off the roof. I managed to save it though.


We also flashed all the internal corners. Really finishes things off.







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Running Water In The Kitchen

Stan and I fitted the tap in the kitchen. We put it in the corner so that we are able to fill large pots and then slide them onto the stove without having to lift them.




Just like this.




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House build up date

I have been busy doing lots of little bits that were not big enough for a single post but mostly involved lots of tedious sanding.

The laundry bench is all oiled.

Callum’s door is painted just waiting ¬†to add a couple of coats of clear. I used Aquacote which took some getting used too. This top coat is sprayed and gave a very nice finish. I knew I did that aircraft spray painting course years ago for a reason. Very high gloss. It drys so hard it can be cut and polished. It is a boat paint so good practice for F&S Custom Perfomance Boats. It is British racing green.

The sink is leak tested. Oo shiny chrome.

This is the drain for the kitchen sink. I couldn’t have cut that hole better if I had measured it. Not having a slab makes plumbing a dream.

I fixed the area above the kitchen door that didn’t line up with the ceiling.



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Doug Maloney mallet 

Doug Maloney Made this wonderful mallet. I love it when form and function unite as it does here. It fits the hand beautifully and the balance is spot on. Stan said that it was too cool to hit anything with. Well it is but that didn’t stop me and after belting a one inch Barr Quarton chisel into some merbau to cut some notches it looked as good as the day it was made. 

Here it is next to my Garland rawhide 44oz split head mallet which is a beast. 

Fits my hand perfectly. But then I am missing a few bits. 

A match made in heaven



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Pantry floor tiled

Last week with the help of Dave the famous/infamous jerky maker from Canberra the tiles went on the floor in the pantry. The walk in pantry is 2400mm x 3200mm which negates the need for under bench cupboards. Our fridge and freezer will go in here also. The rack shelving will be on wheels to make cleaning as easy as possible. 



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Finishing the island bench

 Last week I started finishing the trim on the island bench. I sanded to 120 grit as per the instructions from Livos Australia with Abranet and then applied their counter too oil. I find abranet gives a better finish than paper abrasives. I had spent a lot of time trying to match the wood filler to the colour of the karri and thought I had nailed it but when I applied the oil it stuck out like dogs balls. Livos recommended that next time to apply a little water first to see what it will look like when oiled.  The good thing is with the oil it is easy to fix blemishes that appear. It is just a matter of sanding and re oiling which is very easy to do. The oiled surface is very tactile. Just lovely to run your hand along. I will burnish the surface in between coats with Festool Vlies on my sander which is like a very fine scotch brite. 



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